Clean, comfortable facilities in air-conditioned/heated environment. All pets housed in clean, modern, kennels.
Luxury Runs for dogs and all size cages for small to medium size dogs.

Comfortable cat condos separate from dog boarding.

Dog Boarding

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Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding Morgan Hill

What Our Clients Are Saying

“This Veterinary Hospital/boarding facility is the absolute best. Kumba and Kora loved the place when they stayed there for two weeks, so my mind is now at ease leaving  them there again. The Hospital building is great, clean and smells good with lots of natural light. It allows for running around in the outdoor dog park during the day which had been a big problem with other boarding places in Morgan Hill. It was very obvious they were much calmer when I picked them up and smelt nice and fresh. This place came highly recommended to me by my next door neighbor  and I am very happy he did. Now I can plan my next trip to Europe with a calmer mind.”   — Sharon Diaz

“The best place in Morgan Hill to board your cat. Once you have taken them here, you will never go elsewhere again. Lots of room, comfortable bedding and well ventilated. One never smells the awful urine soaked kitty litter smell which I always smelled at each and every other facility I have taken Precious too. I recommend it highly.”   — Michelle Crivello

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