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About Us and Our Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

Bringing your pet to us at Cochrane Animal Hospital in Morgan Hill, CA puts your pet in our hands, and we are dedicated to helping your pet preserve his pet heath. We provide different types of pet care, including general pet wellness exams, pet dental care, surgery, and more.

Our Veterinarian with Over Twenty-Five Years of Veterinary Experience

Our team is led by Sonja Gizycki D.V.M, a veterinarian that can provide in pet wellness care, medical treatment, pet dental care, and more. With a combination of expertise, training, and a commitment to pet care, our veterinarian is here to help your pet get and stay healthy.

We Can Provide Pet Preventative Care

A service we provide at Cochrane Animal Hospital includes providing preventative care. For pets, that includes attention to regular wellness exams, lab work, and vaccinations. Vaccinations can be a key area that requires minimal effort with potentially significant dividends in health benefits for pets. Vaccinations are designed to provide a solid defense against many of the major diseases and problems that spread quickly through animals, especially where pets are in frequent contact with other of their species, whether roaming or at interaction locations such as dog parks, for example.

One of the best ways to start with vaccinations is when a pet is at a young age, typically kitten and puppy stage. Not only does this establish the necessary veterinary protection early as the animal develops, but it might help get the animal used to veterinary treatment as well.

Pet wellness exams are another way to help protect your pet. By regularly meeting with our veterinary team, your pet can be examined for any problems that might have developed without you noticing it. This can help your pet to get early treatment.

Get Pet Care from Our Veterinarian in Morgan Hill, CA, on Our Veterinary Team

Our team keeps regular track of our ongoing patients, which provides pet owners with a great way to keep track of their pet’s medical status, when exams and new vaccinations are due, and test results if something comes up and needs additional attention.

Call us at Cochrane Animal Hospital to establish your first appointment. Located in Morgan Hill, CA, we are here to help, and you’ll be surprised at how much we can help with your pet’s care and health. Call us at (408) 778-7783. We’re also available to answer questions about services as well; don’t be afraid to ask. We’re here for you.


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  • "Outstanding Veterinary Hospital. Love this place!!!!!! Will never go anywhere else."
    Christopher V.
  • "I have been coming to this hospital ever since it opened up and have always received great services at a very reasonable cost."
    Stephen G.
  • "Honest, patient, friendly and knowledgeable Vet. Clean, spacious and great smelling facility."
    Lynda M.