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When someone takes in a pet for care, it is important to provide comprehensive care to this important member of the family. This includes making sure the pet goes to the vet regularly for checkups, staying up to date on vaccinations, even getting the pet groomed regularly. Often overlooked, there are a number of reasons why people need to make sure their pet gets groomed regularly. The team from Cochrane Animal Hospital in Morgan Hill, CA, is here to explain the benefits of having a pet groomed regularly by our trained veterinarian. 


Comfort Following a Grooming Visit

Pets deserve to feel comfortable and this is one of the major benefits of a grooming visit. When pets have long hair, this can cause them to feel overheated and uncomfortable. The hair can even get in their eyes, making it hard to see. For this reason, a visit to a pet groomer is an important part of helping pets feel more comfortable. The hair can be trimmed, smoothed over, and cleared away from the eyes. It is easy to see why this visit helps pets feel happier as well!

Matted Hair can Lead to Health Problems

In addition, if pets have matted hair, this can lead to other health problems. When the hair gets long and dirty, it gets matted and turns into a giant sheet. This can actually trap dust, dirt, debris, and even pathogens that can make pets sick. When someone takes their pet to the groomer, these problems are addressed. Matted hair will be cleaned and released. This will help pets maintain their overall health in addition to making them look squeaky clean!

Nails Need to be Clipped as Well

Finally, at the groomers, the nails will be clipped. It is important for pets to have their nails clipped because this will not only protect the furniture and floors from harm but can prevent pets from cutting themselves by mistake. It can be challenging to cut the nails of a pet because they don't like to hold still and are scared of the clippers. A vet knows how to help pets feel more comfortable during this process.

Trust the Team from the Barrington Oaks Veterinary Hospital

Those who are looking for a trained pet groomer can rely on the team at Cochrane Animal Hospital. We are here to help the pets and the families in the Morgan Hill area. We would be honored to provide routine care for your pet as well. To schedule your appointment, call our office at (408) 778-7783. When you need a veterinarian near me, we are here to help you with all of your pet needs.


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