Pet Dental Care FAQs

When you have a pet, you need to safeguard their health to keep them happy and healthy. One of the ways that you need to take care of your pet is to get them dental care as needed. Problems with dental health can cause pets to suffer from other conditions that could be prevented with better care. Dental health is vital to their overall health, so don't skip the care they need. Pets can benefit from a health exam every year. This will allow a veterinarian to check your pet's teeth and gums. To get your pet's dental health assessed and treated as needed, call our veterinary clinic in Morgan Hill, CA, to make your pet's appointment. We at Cochrane Animal Hospital are here to help.

Pet Dental Care FAQs

Why Do Pets Need Dental Exams?

A pet should have their teeth and gums inspected and assessed every year when he gets his overall health check. He should also get a dental exam when there is something wrong with their teeth or gums. Our veterinarian has the expertise needed to know when something is wrong and how it should be treated for your pet's dental health. When pets have a serious infection in one or more teeth, it can cause him a lot of pain. The infection can also get into their bloodstream and cause serious infections that can put his life at risk. Gum disease can also cause a lot of health and dental problems. A pet with gum disease, or periodontitis, can end up with loose teeth that fall out and keep him from being able to chew properly. 

What Is a Pet Dental Exam Like?

Generally, when you bring your pet in for his regular veterinary appointment every year for their exam and shots, our veterinarian might also look through your pet's mouth and notice anything that is abnormal. This may be teeth that are loose, missing teeth, gum disease, infections in teeth, abscesses, and other problems. Our veterinarian may want to get an x-ray to find out more about what is going on with the teeth below the gumline. When there are problems with your pet's teeth, our veterinarian may schedule your pet a dental appointment that will allow our vet to clean your pet's teeth thoroughly or to treat one of the problems they have. This may include extracting teeth that have a lot of decay. 

Get Veterinary Care from Our Veterinarian

When your pet has problems in their mouth that you can see, bring them in for a dental exam. Call our Morgan Hill, CA, office to schedule an appointment for your pet with our veterinarian. Call us at (408) 778-7783 for Cochrane Animal Hospital.


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